Mission, Vision & Values


ALNAHDA CEMENT is fully committed to contribute to the development of Egypt through the production of high-quality cement, the use of state of art technology, and providing a competitive quality and cost beyond our customers’ expectations.

We also aim to maximize profitability for our shareholders. We are committed to health, safety, environment, social responsibility and hiring the best calibers to exceed the needs and requirements of the construction sector.


We strive to be the best choice for experts in the Egyptian construction sector and increase global footprint in international markets.

Our Values

1- Team99%

We encourage respect, unity exchanging ideas and sharing company goals among our employees.

2- Integrity99%

We adopt a culture that promotes honesty, transparency, professional conducts and mutual respect between the company’s management and its shareholders, customers and employees.

3- Customer Focus:99%

We are committed to meet customers’ needs for products and services to exceed their expectations and achieve competitive quality and cost.

4- Accuracy and timing99%

We encourage the delivery of quality products in a timely manner.

5- Innovation99%

We encourage creativity, improvement and development of products and services, and welcoming positive ideas.

6- Commitment99%

We guarantee the best performance and enthusiasm to raise production rates.

7- Safety and Health99%

We are committed to provide a healthy and safe work environment in accordance with Egyptian and international standards that leads to effective productivity and the preservation of the environment and natural resources.

8- Profitability99%

We achieve the highest profitability for shareholders and supporting the Egyptian economy