Health and Safety
Overview | ALNAHDA CEMENT ensures good health and safe Environment for all concerned by:90%
  • Providing safe working conditions
  • Making available appropriate personal protective equipment to all employees and ensure their proper use
  • Promoting awareness on sound health and safe working practices
  • Continually improving health & safety performance by regularly setting and reviewing objectives & targets
  • Identifying and minimizing injury and health hazards by effective risk control measures
  • Complying with all applicable legislations and regulations
Overview |ALNAHDA CEMENT is committed to produce cement economically in an eco-friendly clean & safe environment.90%

We would strive for pollution prevention, control & continual improvement by:

  • Complying with legal & other requirements.
  • Optimizing Usage of Raw Material, Energy & Water.
  • Prevention & Control of Air Pollution.
  • Effectively Managing Solid Wastes.
  • Creating Environmental & Health Awareness among all the employees & interested shareholders.
Corporate Social Responsibility

ALNAHDA CEMENT is actively contributing towards the welfare of the society and playing a proactive role in areas of education, environmental awareness, health and community development by supporting, sponsoring, sharing the events below:

  • ALNAHDA CEMENT adopts the sponsorship and support of sports, social and cultural activities.
  • We Supports and participates in organizing scientific and social seminars, lectures and exhibitions
  • We welcome the practical training for students of universities and higher institutes in all technical and administrative specialties.
  • We welcomes students to visit our factory to enhance knowledge.
  • We participate in honoring outstanding students.